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Service Support & Helpdesk

Our Service Department has been organized to provide the flexible and fast response that our customers have come to expect.

Telephone Helpdesk

  • Two dedicated engineers

On-Site Support

  • Eight regionally based, multi-skilled Service Engineers
  • Saturday and Sunday coverage when required
  • Average response within 24 hours - same day if possible

Competitively Priced Annual Service Contracts

Negri Bossi North America AMICO Call Centre

  • Hours 8.00 a.m. - 5.30 p.m.

Geographically Based Engineers

Our Engineers are geographically based to ensure fast response to any call. By doing this, the engineers are able to develop a good working relationship with their customers and a complete understanding of their service requirements.


The Negri Bossi Amico network

The innovative technological approach of Negri Bossi has allowed the "Amico®" to be created. The Amico® is a remote control assistance service that is able to connect directly to the brain of the machine using the most advanced communication technology. The Negri Bossi Call Centre receives your call for assistance, and the Amico analyzes and solves the problem using a direct connection to the machine. A true revolution that reduces downtime, making your work easier.

The Negri Bossi Amico network allows the creation of an environment in which the customer can be provided with two kinds of service :

Remote Services:

  • remote assistance
  • software upgrade
  • helpdesk

Remote Assistance
The remote assistance service allows:

  • operation with the machine terminal in completely remote mode;
  • checking of behavior of all machine components;
  • checking of machine status at the moment of an alarm;
  • modification of the component parameters on the CAN network;
  • initialization of the components on the CAN network;
  • modification of machine parameters and I/O configuration files;
  • commands to be sent to the machine.


Spare Parts Support

At our 85,000 square foot factory in Des Moines, IA, we stock the parts to cover the full range of Negri Bossi machines.

In addition to this, each service engineer carries a comprehensive set of parts.

Spare parts sales, purchasing, and inventory are computer controlled. In most cases, the parts are usually dispatched the same day and sent via the method chosen by the customer.

  • Three full time, skilled staff  

  • Amico system to assist part identification  

  • Spares manual on CDROM with graphical interface  

  • Competitive pricing supported through the extensive use of proprietary parts


1st Class Machines deserve 1st Class Service

To ensure your machines operate at maximum efficiency year after year.

The Negri Bossi Service Contract comprises a comprehensive service covering all aspects of machine safety, maintenance and calibration. It also represents the most effective method of improving the quality of your production.

Machine Calibration

  • Full calibration (Mechanical, Electronic and Hydraulic)
  • Full certification compliant with ISO requirements

Machine Service

  • 52-point machine service check
  • Comprehensive report on machine condition

Full safety check

  • Thorough check of all safety devices and circuits

Optional services

  • Hydraulic oil analysis by independent laboratory
  • Hydraulic oil and filter replacement and tank clean
3-year fixed price contracts available on request.

Contact our service department for a quotation or further details.

process support

Negri Bossi North America has a dedicated process support engineer who is available to help you with the troubleshooting of any process problems.

In addition he is able to give telephone support with the possibility to utilize the AMICO Teleservice System to directly act on your machine settings.

The process engineer is always available to assist with, or carry out, tool trials either at your premises or at our showroom.

  • Dedicated process engineer
  • Close relationship with Milan technical team
  • Amico Tele-service analysis - Milan, Italy or New Castle, Delaware facility
  • Machine specification & cycle time analysis
  • On-site troubleshooting

tool trials

In our corporate headquarters in New Castle, Delaware, we have recently built a new showroom facility that houses a selected range of Negri Bossi machines to be on permanent demonstration. We also utilize this area to provide tool trial facilities, Open Houses and Seminars.

The AMICO Teleservice system is always available for viewing.

  • Showroom
  • Tool-trial facilities
  • Open house
  • Seminars

Please contact us if you wish to visit at any time.

Negri Bossi North America
311 Carroll Drive,
New Castle, DE 19720
Phone: (302) 328-8020
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